This is an in-depth course on Fertility Regulation to help medical students and practitioners get sound knowledge on concepts relating to gynecology and obstetrics, fertility and women’s health.

Topics include: General contraceptive considerations, Contraception, Sterilization, Primary and preventive care, Pregnancy termination etc.

Disclaimer : The content in this course is educational in nature and intended solely as general health information. It is not a recommendation for treatment or medical advice. It is not a substitute for advice from a health care provider. If you  as a patient are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your health care provider or an emergency room. 

This course is based on the material provided by The Global Library of Women’s Medicinewhose objective is to provide medical professionals worldwide with expert, peer reviewed, guidance on best practice for women’s medicine.

Course Curriculum

General contraceptive considerations
History of Contraception FREE 02:00:00
Contraceptive Efficacy 01:30:00
Patient Education and Contraceptive Compliance 01:30:00
Adolescent Contraception FREE 01:30:00
Contraceptive Use and Unintended Pregnancy 01:30:00
Vulnerable Targets for Contraception in the Female 01:30:00
New Developments in Male Contraception 00:00:00
Contraception for Women with Medical Problems 01:30:00
Fertility Awareness Methods of Family Planning for Achieving or Avoiding Pregnancy 01:30:00
Use and Effectiveness of Barrier and Spermicidal Contraceptive Methods 01:30:00
Pharmacology of Contraceptive Steroids 01:30:00
Physiology and Mechanisms of Action of Steroids 01:30:00
Thrombotic Risks with Hormonal Contraception 01:30:00
Metabolic and Endocrinologic Effects of Steroidal Contraception 01:30:00
Steroidal Contraception and Cancer Risk 01:30:00
Emergency Postcoital Contraception 01:30:00
Injectable Contraception 01:30:00
Intrauterine Contraceptives 01:30:00
Transdermal Contraception 01:30:00
Contraceptive Vaginal Rings 01:30:00
Breastfeeding, Fertility, and Family Planning 01:30:00
Contraception and Congenital Malformations 01:30:00
Implantable Contraception 01:30:00
Surgical Procedures for Tubal Sterilization FREE 01:30:00
Sterilization: Long-Term Issues 01:30:00
Male Sterilization 01:30:00
Reversing Vasectomy 01:30:00
Long-Term Risks of Vasectomy 01:30:00
Pregnancy termination
Septic Abortion: Prevention and Management FREE 01:30:00
Induced Abortion: Epidemiologic Aspects 01:30:00
Induced Abortion: Indications, Counseling, and Services 01:30:00
Surgical Techniques for First-Trimester Abortion 01:30:00
Long-Term Risks of Surgical Abortion 01:30:00
Second-Trimester Surgical Abortion 01:30:00
Medical Termination of Early Pregnancy 01:30:00
Labor Induction Termination of Pregnancy 00:00:00
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