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SKILLMD is an online medical and healthcare e-learning community portal.

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"If there is access, then there will be motivation"

Our Vision

We want to make high quality healthcare education easily accessible and affordable, without barriers to entry​.

Our Mission

We are creating a knowledge hub of healthcare content and an ecosystem of learning and development

Our Story

Quality education helps us transform our lives and medical education helps lead our lives with energy and purpose.

To achieve this,  healthcare education has to be made more universal, accessible and easily affordable. There should be no barriers to knowledge, especially to medical knowledge that treats every life as precious one to be saved and cherished. 

It’s 2019, our population is 7.6 Billion and INCREASING exponentially, to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100 (asper UN report.). The world is today facing a shortage of around 2.5 million healthcare professionals. Most of these shortages are faced by low and middle-income countries and the situation is worsening.

WHO estimates that in the years to come, we may face a shortage of more than 4 million doctors, nurses, midwives and others

It’s a simple issue. The market demand is higher than the supply.

The shortage in medical professionals has been attributed to various factors,. A few are: barriers to high quality education, lack of opportunities to train and get trained at a lower cost.

Let’s examine these:

Improper access to learning content – Let’s face it, courses on healthcare and related fields is scarce. If they are available, then you have to pay to access them, and if they are free, they are not mobile friendly.

Training capacity – Even first world countries are struggling to train the growing number of professionals. Educational Institutions are limited to a few locations, and they are exclusive and the student intake is limited.

Cost of educationAbove all, healthcare education is crazy expensive.

Looking at the high cost of education, the Association of American Medical Colleges found in 2013 that “The median four-year cost of medical school (including expenses and books) was $243,160 (including private and public schools)”.

The cost of education is high in almost almost all countries. Not just courses from educational institutions, but books are super expensive too.

For all the factors mentioned above, the root cause needs to be addressed.

We believe that the root cause of the problem is – barrier to entry. 

Barriers in terms of affordability, scale and access.

Remember, when there is a shortage in supply, it inevitably leads to higher costs – for both students and patients

Ponder this –  after having spent a lot towards student loans, the natural tendency among people is to increase the treatment costs to avoid financial difficulties. When this happens, the overall health of the society gets affected.

Fortunately, we can address the problem of shortage of medical professionals to get these benefits:

  • Better quality of education at reduced cost that addresses the demand-supply gap 
  • More professionals to treat and give fresh lease of life – literally – to people
  • Improved jobs and employability for medical professionals
  • Greater motivation towards serving the people and to charge lesser
  • Access to latest healthcare knowledge and techniques, especially to those in living in developing countries
  • More professionals will engage in R&D and develop better affordable treatments and techniques
  • Ultimately, lower pricing of healthcare services which will benefit society at large

Barriers to learn and to serve. Barriers to train and get trained.

The solution is to remove these barriers and thereby motivate students to pursue excellence in health sciences.

SKILLMD is the result of this belief.  With the vision towards making universal healthcare education affordable and accessible. Our motto is – "Knowledge Beyond Boundaries and Education Without Barriers."

a) We create, gather, curate, package and present the best quality medical educational content: anytime, anywhere learning at minimal or nil cost for the user.

b) By making it available online and on mobile, we make anyone with a smartphone to access the works of the experts on the subject.

c) We create tutoring opportunities for leading professionals in the field to share his/her knowledge with the students. from across the world.

d) We create an environment of learning and sharing, by building a community of networked professionals.

Think about it: a surgeon sitting in one part of the world and an eager student in another part, together they can save lives !

We are community centric – which means our primary stakeholder is YOU.

Medical and healthcare education is expensive and comes at a great cost to the student – especially to those from lesser developed countries.

SKILLMD makes great quality education accessible and affordable and is a valuable and essential tool for College students as well as professionals looking to share their knowledge.

Most websites charge a lot of money just to provide a fraction of what we offer.

But, our feature-packed site is absolutely Free as we wish to motivate both the students and the professionals to learn and share more.

When the barriers of entry melt away, more students get interested to excel in studies, more are the chances for the barriers to knowledge fall away. And this makes the world a better place to live in.

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