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If you are a frequent visitor, you'd have noticed the passion and care with which we have put together this site.

You may have also noticed : 

---- how we are building a community of medical professionals.

---- how we are offering mobile-friendly healthcare education for FREE, putting precious life-saving info into the pockets of everyone.

---- how we have made the site fully Speech Enabled to bring down the disability barriers.

---- how we are packing the site with features so that the members can continue to nourish and nurture each other.

And, We Are Offering, All Of This Is For FREE.

But, We Want To Do Much More.

---- We want to translate this site in other languages.

---- We wish to bring medical professionals for sharing their expertise in niche video sessions.

---- We want to make our servers faster, video platforms stronger and user experience better.

---- We want to tie-up with renowned institutions for bringing their courses and their certification.

We have so many ideas and plans to make SkillMD super useful !

But, as you know, all these cost a lot of money. We need funds not just to keep going, but, also to get better.

This, Simply, Is Not Possible Without Your Support !

How You Can Help

If you become a Donor, you will help us bring more educational content.

You'll help us arrange live streaming events so that people can pick the brains of top experts.  You'll help us help others.

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Founders, SkillMD

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