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[Sticky] Read This Before Posting - Forum Rules

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The site and its forum is a useful, valuable resource for many, because of the great people who contribute to the discussions and the course content. 

Realize that “Everyone is here to help each other”

In order to maintain the usefulness of the forum, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines.

Note that failure to abide by the rules and guidelines or displaying a consistent pattern of not fulfilling basic expectations listed below will result in serious action that may include deletion of your posts, account and a permanent ban on the site in accordance with the Terms of Service which all members agree to at the time of registration.


Forum Rules:


  1. Post in English. (For the time being, at least, till we introduce a multilingual site.) Any post in any other language will be deleted.
  2. Shorthand is NOT allowed!. Writing in shorthand (similar to typing a SMS) by using words such as u, dun, lyk, nt, c00l, etc is prohibited. 
  3. Correct spelling and grammar. Make your best attempt to spell everything correctly. Modern browsers (i.e. Google Chrome) have built-in spellcheckers that can help you.
  4. Use a Specific and Relevant Title Indicating the Question. Keep the title brief and accurate. Don’t use vague titles like ‘Help Me Plzz’etc without being specific. A post with an effective title will get more views and likely to receive help from other members and be useful to other users. For example, a thread in US Medical Admissions should not be titled ‘Admissions Help’, but more like ‘What Is Required to Apply?’.
  5. Don’t overuse Symbols and Emojis. Using an excessive amount of symbols such as “?”, “!” and are pointless, annoying, ineffective and lazy.
  6. Don’t Troll / Flame / Insult other members i.e Be Polite.Our forums is a place for interaction, learning, and gaining knowledge. Trolling / Flaming is hostile and create a variety of issues including misunderstandings, frustration, perceptions of unfairness or cheap entertainment derived at the expense of others and is detrimental for healthy interaction.
  7. Post in the appropriate topic / category. Consider which category / topic to post in to receive helpful answers. For example, questions about applying to medical colleges in UK should be posted in the UK Medical Schools forum, NOT in SkillMD Lounge. When in doubt, report your post to a Moderator and request that the location of your post be reviewed.
  8. Use the Search Feature.Utilize the forum search feature to know if a similar post exists. Only if you are unable to find anything, should you consider creating a new post. Use a unique and relevant title for each new 
  9. Don’t Cross Post.Creating the same post in different threads or forums on the website leads to duplication of pages and is inconvenient to forum users. Post your questions once in the appropriate forum / category.
  10. Stay On-Topic.Refrain from totally pointless threads in serious discussion categories. It is okay to make jokes, etc in the appropriate forums.
  11. Don’t Private Message Staff.Most questions are answered on the forums itself. Hence, do not send private messages to staff.
  12. Report Inappropriate Posts. If you find a particular post to be inappropriate, then report it using the Report Post button at the bottom of the post.
  13. Unauthorized Advertisements.Posting links to commercial websites are not allowed without express approval from an Administrator. Signatures containing overtly preachy, evangelical or political statements are not allowed.
  14. Understand and Follow Copyright.By posting on SkillMD you agree that your posted work may be reused by the site in any way that the Administrators and/or Moderators deem appropriate without seeking any further permission but with due attribution where appropriate to the originator. This in no way effects your rights to reuse any such material for any purpose you see fit. You also agree that your account and any posts made become permanent property of this  Due to the way that a forum functions, we are unable to grant any requests for posts or accounts to be deleted.


Staff members such as Admin, Moderators, etc reserve the right to edit and delete posts and ban users at their discretion. If you have any questions regarding the forum rules please contact one of the moderators.

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