Welcome to the short course on Vital Sign Measurements. The purpose of this course is to help learners develop best practices in vital sign measurement.  Proficiency in vital sign measurement is essential to client safety, care, and management as measurements can influence clinical decision-making related to therapeutic interventions.

Using a multi-media and interactive approach, this course will provide opportunities to read about, observe, practice, and test vital sign measurements.

Who is this course for?

  • Healthcare professionals and students
  • Anyone thinking about a career in medical practice and administration
  • Anyone with an interest in discovering more about medical diagnosis, treatment and technology

What’s in the course In this course you’ll learn to:

  • Define the vital signs used in healthcare
  • Integrate knowledge about anatomy and physiology with vital sign measurement
  • Evaluate influencing factors related to vital sign measurement
  • Synthesize knowledge about various methods and techniques of vital sign measurement across the lifespan
  • Integrate knowledge about alternative methods of vital sign measurements
  • Assess normal and abnormal vital sign values
  • Evaluate significance of vital sign findings
  • Generate best interventions based on vital sign findings

This course – based on the book ‘Vital Sign Measurement Across Lifespan’ – comes with the courtesy of BC Campus Open Education and is produced here under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License for the benefit of healthcare professionals and caregivers.

Disclaimer : The content in this course is educational in nature and intended solely as general health information. It is not a recommendation for treatment or medical advice. It is not a substitute for advice from a health care provider. If you  as a patient are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your health care provider or an emergency room. 

Course Curriculum

General Points to Consider in Vital Sign Measurement FREE 01:30:00
What is Temperature? 01:30:00
Why is Temperature Measured? 01:30:00
Methods of Measurement 01:30:00
What are Normal Temperature Ranges? 01:30:00
Oral Temperature 01:30:00
Tympanic Temperature 01:30:00
Axillary Temperature 01:30:00
Rectal Temperature 01:30:00
Finding the Error Activity: Tympanic Temperature 01:30:00
Watch and Try it Out 01:30:00
Exercises – Temperature FREE 01:30:00
Pulse and Respiration
What is Pulse? 01:30:00
Why is Pulse Measured? 01:30:00
What Pulse Qualities are Assessed? 01:30:00
Radial Pulse 01:30:00
Carotid Pulse 01:30:00
Brachial Pulse 01:30:00
Apical Pulse 01:30:00
What is Respiration? 01:30:00
Respiration Technique 01:30:00
Finding the Error Activity – Pulse 01:30:00
Watch and Try it Out – Pulse FREE 01:30:00
Exercises – Pulse 01:30:00
Oxygen Saturation
Oxygen Saturation FREE 01:30:00
How is Oxygen Saturation Measured? 01:30:00
What are Normal Oxygen Saturation Levels? 01:30:00
Oxygen Saturation Technique 01:30:00
Finding the Error Activity – Oxygen Saturation 01:30:00
Watch and Try it Out – Oxygen Saturation 01:30:00
Exercises – Oxygen Saturation 00:00:00
Blood Pressure
What is Blood Pressure? FREE 01:30:00
Why is Blood Pressure Measured? 01:30:00
Factors That Influence Blood Pressure 01:30:00
What are Blood Pressure Ranges? 01:30:00
How is Blood Pressure Measured? 01:30:00
Manual Blood Pressure Measurement 01:30:00
What Should the Healthcare Provider Consider? 01:30:00
Hypotension 01:30:00
Hypertension 01:30:00
Finding the Error Activity: Blood Pressure 01:30:00
Try it Out: Two-step & One-step Blood Pressure 01:30:00
Exercises – Blood Pressure 01:30:00
Knowledge Integration FREE 01:30:00
Case Study: Pediatric Client 01:30:00
Case Study: Adolescent Client 01:30:00
Case Study: Pregnant Adult Client 01:30:00
Case Study: Adult Client 01:30:00
Case Study: Older Adult Client 01:30:00
Case Study: Dental Office 01:30:00
Case Study: TPR 01:30:00
Complete Set of Adult Vital Signs 01:30:00
References – Vital Signs 00:00:00
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