This is a video course designed for Nursing professionals and students, covering important concepts. You can use the videos for independent study or for reinforcement of knowledge.

This course introduces the students and professionals to some of the key concepts, tests and procedures necessary to progress further in the healthcare field and towards saving the lives of people.

These resources would also be valuable for anyone preparing for a career in nursing profession and is strongly recommended for anyone who is taking any certification examination.

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Course Curriculum

1. Infection Control
Infection Prevention Practices FREE 01:30:00
Five Key Moments in Hand Hygiene 01:30:00
Hand Hygiene with ABHR 00:00:00
Hand Hygiene with Soap and Water 01:30:00
Applying Non-Sterile Gloves 00:00:00
Donning PPE 00:00:00
Doffing PPE 00:00:00
BBF Exposure 00:00:00
Principles of Sterile Technique 00:00:00
Entering the OR 00:00:00
Surgical Hand Scrub with Medicated Soap 00:00:00
Donning Sterile Gloves 00:00:00
Preparing a Sterile Field 00:00:00
2. Patient Assessment
Vital Signs FREE 01:30:00
Health History Checklist 01:30:00
Head-to-Toe Assessment 01:30:00
Initial and Emergency Assessment 01:30:00
Focused Respiratory System Assessment 01:30:00
Focused Cardiovascular/Peripheral Vascular System Assessment 01:30:00
Focused Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Assessment 01:30:00
Focused Musculoskeletal System Assessment 01:00:00
Focused Neurological System Assessment 01:30:00
3. Safe Patient Handling, Positioning, and Transfers
Patient Risk Assessment 01:30:00
Moving a Patient up in Bed 01:30:00
Positioning a Patient to the Side of the Bed 01:30:00
Assisting a Patient to a Sitting Position 01:30:00
Ambulating a Patient 01:30:00
Moving a Patient from Bed to Stretcher 01:30:00
Bed to Wheelchair Transfer 01:30:00
Lowering a Patient to the Floor 01:30:00
4. Wound Care
Wound Assessment 01:30:00
Simple Dressing Change 01:00:00
Intermittent Suture Removal 01:30:00
Continuous and Blanket Stitch Suture Removal 01:30:00
Staple Removal 01:30:00
Moist to Dry Dressing Change 01:30:00
Wound Irrigation and Packing 01:30:00
Emptying a Closed Wound Drainage System 01:30:00
Drain Removal 01:30:00
5. Oxygen Therapy
Applying and Titrating Oxygen Therapy 01:30:00
Oral Suctioning 01:30:00
6. Non-Parenteral Medication Administration
Safe Medication Administration 01:30:00
Administering Medication by Mouth 01:30:00
Administering Medication via a Gastric Tube 01:30:00
Medication Administered Rectally 01:30:00
Medication Administered Vaginally 01:30:00
Instilling Eye (Ophthalmic) Medications 01:30:00
Instilling Ear (Otic) Medications 01:30:00
Instilling Nasal Medications 01:30:00
Medication by Small-Volume Nebulizer 01:30:00
Medication by Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) 01:30:00
Applying a Transdermal Patch 01:30:00
Applying Topical Creams, Lotions, and Ointments 01:30:00
7. Parenteral Medication Administration
Administering an Intradermal (ID) Injection 01:30:00
Subcutaneous Injections 01:30:00
Intramuscular Injection 01:30:00
Administering an IV Medication via a Saline Lock 01:30:00
Administering an IV Medication (with Compatible IV Solution) 01:30:00
Administering an IV Medication (with Incompatible IV Solution) 01:30:00
Administering an Intermittent Intravenous Infusion (First Time) 01:30:00
Administering an Intermittent Intravenous Infusion Using Existing Secondary Line 01:30:00
Administering an Intradermal (ID) Injection 01:30:00
8. Intravenous Therapy
Assessing an IV System 01:30:00
Priming IV Tubing FREE 01:30:00
Changing an IV Solution Bag 01:30:00
Flushing a Saline Lock 01:30:00
Converting an IV Infusion to a Saline Lock 01:30:00
Removing a Peripheral IV 01:30:00
Managing a Blood or Blood Product Transfusion Reaction 01:30:00
Preparing for a Blood or Blood Product Transfusion 00:00:00
TPN Administration 01:30:00
9. Blood Glucose Monitoring
Blood Glucose Monitoring 01:30:00
How to Use Glucometers 01:30:00
10.Tubes and Attachments
Inserting a Nasogastric Tube 01:30:00
Removal of an NG Tube 01:30:00
Insertion of an Intermittent or Indwelling Urinary Catheter 01:30:00
Removing an Indwelling Catheter 01:30:00
Tracheal Suctioning 01:30:00
Cleaning an Inner Tracheal Cannula 01:30:00
Changing a Sterile Dressing 01:30:00
Replacing Tracheostomy Ties 01:30:00
Management of a Chest Tube Drainage System 01:30:00
Changing a Pouching System/Ostomy Appliance (Ileostomy or Colostomy) 01:30:00
Changing a Urostomy Pouch/Appliance 01:30:00
11. Essential Nursing
Basic Nursing Skills 7 days
CNA Essential Nursing Skills 3 days
NCLEX Study Guide 5 days
NCLEX Endocrine System 3 days
NCLEX Hematologic System Diseases 5 days
NCLEX Cardiac System 5 days
NCLEX Psychiatric Nursing 3 days
NCLEX Mental Health 05:00:00
NCLEX Picmonic 5 days
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