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This is a Video Course on Concepts relating to Human Diseases.

Topics include:  Introduction to Inflammation,Cell Cycle Regulation,Tuberculosis Pathogenesis,T Cell Tolerance,Telomeres and Human Disease,Epithelial Homeostasis,Allergies and the Immune System,Familial Hypercholesterolemia etc.

Disclaimer : The content in this course is educational in nature and intended solely as general health information. It is not a recommendation for treatment or medical advice. It is not a substitute for advice from a health care provider. If you  as a patient are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your health care provider or an emergency room. 

Course Curriculum

Course Contents
The Immune Response to Allo- and Xenotransplantation 01:30:00
Skin Stem Cells: Biology and Promise for Medicine 01:30:00
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccines to Prevent Cancer 01:30:00
Discovering Reverse Transcriptase 01:30:00
B Cell Development, Fundamental Questions in Immunology 01:30:00
microRNAs Create Regulatory Tension in Mammalian Blood Cells 01:30:00
Introduction to Inflammation 01:30:00
Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapeutics 01:00:00
The Role of Toll-Like Receptors in the Control of Adaptive Immunity 01:30:00
Neonatal Diabetes and ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels 01:30:00
A Brief History of Muscle Biology 01:30:00
Cell Cycle Regulation 01:30:00
Tuberculosis Pathogenesis 01:30:00
RNA Editing and RNA-DNA Differences 01:30:00
Myelination : Remyelination and Multiple Sclerosis 01:30:00
A Change of Heart: Heart Development from Embryo to Adult 01:30:00
The Ubiquitin-proteasome System 01:30:00
Reactive Astrocytes 01:00:00
T Cell Tolerance 01:30:00
Neurodevelopmental disease: Drug Discovery in Neuroscience 01:00:00
The Development of Lifitegrast to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome 01:30:00
Telomeres and Human Disease 01:30:00
Circulating Tumor Cell Clusters: The ‘Bad Actors’ of Cancer Metastasis 01:30:00
H. pylori Finds its Home 01:30:00
Epithelial Homeostasis 01:30:00
Protein Folding, Prions, and Disease 01:30:00
Neurodegenerative disease: The Coming Epidemic 01:00:00
Epigenetics: Why Your DNA Isn’t Enough 01:30:00
Allergies and the Immune System 01:30:00
How Can We Sense Infection? Helping to Treat Sepsis 01:30:00
Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier: Getting Fuel to the Cell’s Engine 01:30:00
POT1: A Gene Behind Skin Cancer 01:30:00
Familial Hypercholesterolemia and LDL Receptors 01:30:00
Controlled Drug Release Technology 01:00:00
The Causes of Obesity and the Discovery of Leptin 01:30:00
Familial Hypercholesterolemia 01:30:00
Tysabri (Natalizumab) for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis 01:30:00
Genetics of Human Circadian Rhythms and Sleep 01:30:00
The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Treatment with Mesenchymal Stem Cells 01:30:00
Asthma Heterogeneity and Airway Inflammation 01:30:00
Ciliopathies and Retinal Degeneration 01:30:00
Advancing the Treatment of Retinal Diseases 01:00:00
Discovery of Telomeric DNA and Telomerase 01:30:00
Review of the Study of Autosomal Aneuploidy 01:30:00
Drug Development – the Herceptin Story 01:30:00
Extracellular Matrix and Tissue Specificity 01:30:00
The Dynamic Bacterial Chromosome 01:30:00
Treatment of Tuberculosis 01:30:00
Host-Pathogen Interactions and Human Disease 01:30:00
Lipids as Organizers in Cell Membranes: Lipid Sorting and Lipid Rafts 01:30:00
Brain Tumors and Stem Cells 01:00:00
Virus Infection and the Biology of Kaposi’s Sarcoma 01:30:00
Imatinib as a Paradigm of Targeted Cancer Therapies 01:30:00
Oncogenes: A Genetic Paradigm for Cancer 01:30:00
Tissue Engineering 01:00:00
Cell Adhesion: Signaling and Cancer 01:30:00
Malaria: The Disease and Parasite Plasmodium falciparum 01:30:00
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