Welcome to the video course on Diagnostic Radiology.

This self-study video course has a series of 20-30 minute lectures  delivered by some of the best teachers across all subspecialties and will walk you through some basic and detailed concepts relating to Diagnostic Radiology while helping you to expand your competence and confidence in the subject.

Students pursuing diagnostic medicine and radiology in particular will find this course a useful resource in furthering their career.

Topics include:  Abdominal Imaging, Breast Imaging, Cardiothoracic Imaging, Emergency Radiology, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Neuroradiologic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Imaging and VIR Imaging.

This course  comes with the courtesy of Association of University Radiologists and is produced here for the benefit of healthcare professionals.

Our grateful thanks to: Nancy Fefferman, Michael Recht, Harprit Bedi, Mark Bernstein, Sanjeev Bhalla, Christopher Cassady, Chloe Chhor, Girish Fatterpekar, Munir Ghesani, Ryan Hickey and Andrew Rosenkrantz on behalf of the AUR R&E Foundation 2019 Strategic Alignment Grant.

Disclaimer : The content in this course is educational in nature and intended solely as general health information. It is not a recommendation for treatment or medical advice. It is not a substitute for advice from a health care provider. If you  as a patient are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your health care provider or an emergency room. 


Course Curriculum

Abdominal Imaging
GI Tract Imaging FREE 01:30:00
GU Tract Imaging 01:30:00
Gynecological Imaging 01:30:00
Hepatobiliary / Pancreas Imaging 01:30:00
Miscellaneous – Abdominal Imaging 00:00:00
Physics / Techniques – Abdominal Imaging 01:30:00
Abdominal Trauma – Imaging 01:30:00
Breast Imaging
Breast Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology FREE 01:30:00
Mammography – Imaging 01:30:00
Breast Ultrasound 01:30:00
Breast MRI 01:30:00
Breast Interventions 01:30:00
Breast Emergencies 01:30:00
Regulations and Standards 01:30:00
Medicolegal Aspects of Breast Imaging 01:30:00
Cardiothoracic Imaging
Anatomic Variant, Physiology and Signs in Radiology FREE 01:30:00
Central Airways Diseases, Bronchiectasis and Obstructive Lung Disease 01:30:00
Congenital Lung Disease and Mediastinal Disease FREE 01:30:00
Diffuse Lung Disease 01:30:00
Intensive Care Unit CXR 01:30:00
Diseases of Chest Wall, Pleura and Diaphragm 01:30:00
Infectious Pneumonia 01:30:00
Lung Cancer and other Parenchymal Neoplasms 01:30:00
Mediastinal Masses – Imaging 01:30:00
Trauma – Imaging 01:30:00
Pulmonary Arteries – Imaging 01:30:00
Percutaneous and Thoracic Interventions 01:30:00
Cardiac Core Imaging 01:30:00
Miscellaneous Cardiothoracic Imaging 01:30:00
Emergency Radiology
Head and Neck Trauma FREE 01:30:00
Thoracic Trauma 01:30:00
Abdominal Trauma – Emergency 01:30:00
Pelvic Trauma 01:30:00
Multi-System Trauma 01:30:00
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Musculoskeletal Trauma FREE 01:30:00
Arthritis – Imaging 01:30:00
Metabolic Diseases – Imaging 01:30:00
Marrow – Imaging 01:30:00
Infection – Imaging 01:30:00
Tumors – Imaging 01:30:00
Imaging of Internal Derangements of Joints 01:30:00
Congenital Disorders – Imaging 01:30:00
Orthopedic Imaging FREE 01:30:00
Musculoskeletal Pathology – Imaging 01:30:00
Miscellaneous Topics – Musculoskeletal Imaging FREE 01:30:00
Neuroradiologic Imaging
Brain Imaging FREE 01:30:00
Brain and Spine Tumors – Imaging 01:30:00
Spine Imaging 01:30:00
Head and Neck Imaging 01:30:00
Cranial Nerve Imaging 01:30:00
Nuclear Medicine
Women’s Imaging FREE 01:30:00
Pediatrics – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Pulmonary – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Nuclear Cardiology 01:30:00
Gastrointestinal – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Neuro and Neurologic 01:30:00
Musculoskeletal and Skin – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Hematologic, Lymphatic & Immunologic Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Endocrine – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Genitourinary – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Infection and Inflammation – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Radiopharmaceutical Therapy 01:30:00
Physics & Radiopharmacy – Nuclear Medicine 01:30:00
Pediatric Imaging
Musculoskeletal – Pediatric Imaging FREE 01:30:00
Fetal Imaging FREE 01:30:00
Chest Imaging 01:30:00
Cardiac – Pediatric Imaging 01:30:00
Genitourinary – Pediatric Imaging 01:30:00
Abdominal – Pediatric Imaging 01:30:00
VIR Imaging
Biopsies, Aspirations and Drainages FREE 01:30:00
Vascular Interventions 01:30:00
Biliary and GU Interventions 01:30:00
Oncology Interventions 01:30:00
Pediatric IR FREE 01:30:00

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