Welcome to the short course on ‘Dental Implantology’.

Dental implantology is a rapidly growing area of clinical dental care which can dramatically enhance the quality of life for dental patients who have suffered tooth loss. As it is a new discipline, there are always new developments in surgical and prosthodontic techniques, and armamentarium that demand constant attention from all professionals practising dentistry.

The purpose of this course is to present a novel resource for dentists who want to replace missing teeth with dental implants. The contents are carefully organized, blending basic science, clinical experience, and current and future concepts. This course will be a valuable source for dental students, post-graduate residents and clinicians who want to know more about dental implants.

This course – based on the book ‘Current Concepts in Dental Implantology’ – Edited by Ilser Turkyilmaz – comes with the courtesy of IntechOpen and is produced here under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Disclaimer : The content in this course is educational in nature and intended solely as general health information. It is not a recommendation for treatment or medical advice. It is not a substitute for advice from a health care provider. If you  as a patient are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your health care provider or an emergency room. 

Course Curriculum

Rationale for Dental Implants 01:30:00
Bone Substitute Materials in Implant Dentistry 01:30:00
Biotechnology of Tissues and Materials in Dentistry 01:30:00
Minimally Invasive Implant Treatment Alternatives for the Edentulous Patient 01:30:00
Dental Implant Placement in Inadequate Posterior Maxilla 01:30:00
Immediate Loading in Implant Dentistry 01:30:00
CAD/CAM Technology in Implant Dentistry 01:30:00
Role of Implants in Maxillofacial Prosthodontic Rehabilitation 01:30:00
Miniscrew Applications in Orthodontics 01:30:00
Drug Delivery Systems in Bone Regeneration and Implant Dentistry 01:30:00
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